What Is Queenslands Future

by Ted Sorensen
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I’m honoured the people of Hervey Bay have once again elected me to represent them in State Parliament and I will work as hard as I can to get the very best for our region.

However with the re-election of Labor at a state wide level, the onus is on Annastacia Palaszczuk and her Minister’s to deliver the infrastructure, services and lifestyle that Wide Bay locals deserve.

As local member I will be pushing for Labor to honour the LNP commitment to extend the Urangan Pier to accommodate cruise ships potentially creating thousands of tourism jobs.

I’ll pressure them to commit to local, Queensland-based companies will win the contracts to build the extension to the Hervey Bay hospital’s Emergency Department

And I’ll fight Labor’s plans to keep our National Parks locked up to locals and push for them to be opened up to everyday Queenslanders and tourists to create much-needed tourism jobs for young people across our region. I strongly believe you can’t have a good environment, without a good economy and that our Qld national parks need to be promoted, properly managed and resourced

The latest ABS figures show the Wide Bay’s youth unemployment rate is a staggering 26 per cent, meaning over a quarter of our young people can’t find a job.

Wide Bay (Bundaberg/Hervey Bay area):

  • On average (median) an unemployed person in Wide Bay is spending 61 weeks looking for a job.
  • This is one of the longest waits in the state (more than double the state-wide average).
  • The stats show the job search wait has jumped by 46 weeks on Labor’s watch.

Youth unemployment:

  • Youth unemployment rate in Wide Bay region is now at 26.4% (was 24.1%)
  • When Labor was first elected Wide Bay youth unemployment rate was 17.9% – up 8.5% on Labor’s watch
  • 1,500 youth jobs lost in the last year, 2,200 since Labor’s election.


  • 300 jobs lost in the last year.
  • Unemployment rate is 9.0%

That’s an 8.5 per cent increase since Labor was elected three years ago.

The latest figures on how long it’s taking Hervey Bay locals to find a job are also a sad indictment on the Palaszczuk Labor Government.

Under Labor Queenslanders are facing the longest job search wait times in the country with Wide Bay locals taking an average 61 weeks to find a job, more than double the state wide average.

These figures can be directly linked to the actions of a lazy Labor government that has refused to address the obvious issues around youth unemployment and underemployment.

Instead of encouraging businesses to take on new employees by lowering payroll tax and encouraging new investment, Labor is hitting them with new taxes.

For the Premier to unlock Queensland’s true  potential –  it would mean her own political suicide, because she is the hand puppet of many – Hervey Bay cannot wait any longer!

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