Warning To Check Portable Butane Cookers

by Ted Sorensen
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Queenslanders have been urged to check their sheds, garages and caravans for potentially lethal butane cookers.

Acting Minister for Natural Resources and Mines Bill Byrne today issued a warning about the faulty cookers following an explosion in central Queensland on Friday that put two men in hospital.

“The men were injured when a faulty butane gas cooker exploded – one of many similar cookers recalled nationally earlier year,” Minister Byrne said.

“Unfortunately, we believe there are still many of them in sheds, garages, and caravans around Queensland.

“The faulty cookers have a safety mechanism that doesn’t work. When the gas canisters overheat, they should be ejected. This doesn’t happen in the faulty models.

“These faulty cookers could severely injure and potentially kill people.

“It is critical that Queenslanders check the gas cookers in their sheds, their garages, their boats or their caravans against the list of models that have been recalled.

“To find the list, go to dnrm.qld.gov.au and use the butane gas cooker link on the home page.

 “If it is on the list, stop using it. Dispose of it safely. The old appliances can be disposed in any bin as long as the butane canister is not inside the appliance.

“The butane canister can be used in any new appliance or if they want to dispose of the canister they will need to be taken to the council tip.

gas-cookers“If there is no longer a certificate or label on the cooker check with the manufacturer or contact the Queensland Government on 13QGOV.”

Minister Byrne said new safe models of these cookers went on sale at major retailers last week.

He said people should always caution when using any butane cookers or portable gas appliance.

Read more about gas safety<http://www.qld.gov.au/emergency/safety/gas-safety.html> or visit qld.gov.au and follow the links from emergency services and safety.

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