Upcoming Council Elections & Referendum

by Ted Sorensen

On March 19, you will be asked to make an important decision about Queensland’s future.

Held on the same day as the local government elections, Queenslanders will be asked to decide whether the term of our state Parliament should be changed from an unfixed three-year term to a fixed four-year term with a state election held on the last Saturday in October every four years.

Last year, following consultation with the community, the LNP introduced and passed bills in the Queensland Parliament, to allow for this referendum to occur. This reform has bipartisan support.

Local Governments in Queensland have had fixed four-year terms since 2000. 

Queensland is the only state in Australia without four-year terms.

I strongly believe that there are a number of significant advantages in having fixed four-year terms of government.

Better government and better policy making: decisions can be made in the interest of outcomes and better services for Queenslanders rather than short term political gain.

Fairness: removes the constant election date speculation from our political process and provides fairness for all political parties by ensuring the government of the day can’t call an election in the interest of their own political advantage.

Stability and certainty in government: for both the public and also for the business community – which drives investment, economic confidence and job creation in our state.

Moving to fixed four-year terms is in the best interests of all Queenslanders.


That’s why I’m voting ‘yes’ on March 19.


Till next time,

Take care


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