Unfair and unbalanced rental reforms

by Ted Sorensen
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Labor’s laws will force mum and dad property investors to cop all the financial pain.

There must be a fair balance between the rights of property owners and tenants to get through this unprecedented time.The Palaszczuk Labor government’s rental protection package is an unbalanced and unfair framework.

The LNP is keeping the pressure on the Palaszczuk government to ensure a more balanced approach for BOTH renters AND mum and dad property owners.

The LNP is working closely with stakeholders such as the REIQ in an endeavour to secure a fairer framework for everyone, because we are all in this together and there should be a shared responsibility.

Accordingly, we will be calling on the Labor government to adopt the following:

1. Rent deferrals rather than permanent rent waiver rights for tenants, with no interest accrued for any rent deferred.
2. Establish a minimum income reduction threshold for tenants before they qualify for protection measures (as adopted in NSW).
3. Any rent reduction request should be substantiated by evidence, as the government requires for applications to their rental assistance grant program.
4. Broaden the range of activities allowed to continue for property entry.
5. Remove the one week’s notice to break lease right for tenants.
6. Remove the proposed automatic right to a 6-month tenancy extension.

Please be assured we will continue to advocate for a balanced approach that supports both tenants and mum and dad property owners.

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