Treasurer Pitt’s Policies Will Leave Families Paying More

by Ted Sorensen

Treasurer Pitt’s Policies Will Leave Families Paying More

Today’s Queensland Productivity Commission (QPC) report into electricity prices has again highlighted the Palaszczuk Labor Government has no plan for reducing power costs for families, Shadow Energy Minister Andrew Powell says.

Mr Powell said the Labor Government had been quick to dismiss many of the draft report’s recommendations, which have highlighted the potential for previously announced Labor policies to drive up electricity prices.

“Treasurer Pitt is already refusing to accept the Queensland Productivity Commission’s advice, meaning Queensland families could end up paying more just so Labor can meet their poorly-conceived and uncosted election commitments,” Mr Powell said.

“The Premier and the Treasurer have rightly walked away from their hare-brained policy to merge Queensland’s state-owned electricity generators, a move which would have added 20 per cent to wholesale electricity prices.

“However today the Treasurer has publicly stated the Government will be sticking to a range of other policies which the QPC has found will increase costs for households.

“The QPC report highlighted the legacy costs of the previous Labor Government’s Solar Bonus Scheme, which is hurting low-income households and adding $89 to the typical power bill this year.

“It’s important the Treasurer properly considers the recommendations of today’s draft report, to ensure Queensland families aren’t left paying the cost for another failed policy.”

Mr Powell said the report affirmed the actions taken by the LNP when in Government to strip over-expenditure out of the network and remove overly prescriptive reliability standards from government-owned energy businesses, which have ‘put downward pressure on future prices’.

“The report also highlights the ongoing benefits of implementing full deregulation of electricity prices in south-east Queensland – a move which was delayed by the Government for no reason,” he said.

“Today’s report raises some significant questions about how this Government will address crippling power costs, and Queenslanders are waiting for answers.”

Mr Powell said the QPC draft report comprised 54 recommendations, including potential changes to seniors’ electricity rebates, changing solar feed-in tariffs for some Queensland households and ways of improving competition in regional Queensland.

He said the LNP Opposition would continue to engage with stakeholders on the impact of proposed recommendations, prior to the release of the QPC’s final report at the end of May.

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