The Newly Appointed Labor Government Is Quick To Have Zero Guarantees.

by Ted Sorensen

"The Hervey Bay voters supported the surgical Wait Time Guarantee", State Member Ted Sorensen said.

"Cameron Dick saying the surgical wait time guarantee was a 'gimmick' was a low blow to the people of Hervey Bay who were left languishing on surgical waiting lists under previous Labor governments.

"The LNP dramatically reduced the number of patients waiting longer than medically recommended for their surgery and local families simply cannot afford to let Minister Dick take us back to the bad old days of the health system under Labor, Ted said.

"The Hervey Bay people have enjoyed improved health services and waiting times, with increases to health funding coffers.

For the guarantee to be axed, it is suspected that it will need the support of the Speaker of the House Mr Peter Wellington.

"I strongly urge Hervey Bay residents to contact Peter Wellington directly on (07) 5441 6933 or email and let him know how the surgical guarantee is needed", Ted said.

"Let him know that doctors and patients want the Wait Time Guarantee to continue".

"It beggars belief how the Health Minister could even dream of cutting it – especially without an alternative,"

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