The 2018-19 Queensland Budget earns Hervey Bay a big ‘FAIL’.

by Ted Sorensen
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Sheer disappointment – doesn’t come close to describing what this budget means for Hervey bay.

This budget will hurt households with new taxes, debt and rising unemployment.

There are five new taxes worth $2.2 billion and none of it is good for business or employment.

The increase in land tax set to gather some $311 million, will harm business.  This tax will see an increase in rents, especially in shopping centres and tourism accommodations.

The waste tax is set to gather $1.3 billion.  If businesses cannot pass these new taxes on,  they will have no other choice but to cut wages.

Queensland’s average jobless rate is forecast to climb to 6.25 % higher than what the government had originally forecast – in Hervey Bay unemployment is over 10% with youth unemployment over 20%.

Treasurer Trad said with gusto, ‘Job Growth is this Governments Number 1 priority’, and Hervey Bay barely rates a mention in this budget.

Hervey Bay did get a couple of REGURGITATED MENTIONS from last year’s budget and an announcement of $300,000 out of a $4.6 million total spend, for a new ambulance station.

I would like to know the start date of the project and I will be asking.

Queensland has lost its triple AAA credit rating, and small businesses and Queensland battlers are shouldering this government mistakes in poor economic and fiscal management.

World Heritage Fraser Island (K’Gari) did not rate a mention either and the Island is in desperate need of infrastructure works to keep up with Tourism, but instead this government rips the money they make from the Island, away.

The Fraser Island Great Walk has been shut down for three (3) months because it is impassable and it needs some work.

The Ranger’s vehicles on the Island need to be renewed to a vehicle suitable to the Island, and is safe to drive.

They have also announced that they will be reducing the first home owners grant from $20,000 to $15,000, so it will make it harder for first time buyers.

There was no air-conditioning for the schools of Hervey Bay, no money for a new boat for VMR, no talk of extending the Urangan Pier to meet cruise ships.

Nothing for emergency housing in Hervey Bay, or mental health services.

The record debt means funds that could be going to our schools, hospitals or frontline services will instead be sucked into feeding Labor’s binge on debt.

It’s not bad luck that has caused $83 billion of debt. It is bad government and Labor only has itself to blame.

Facts and figures:

*         $2.25 billion in new taxes and fees
*         Five new taxes worth $2.2 billion – despite election costings predicting just $491 million of new Labor taxes
o   Waste tax – $1.3 billion
o   Wagering tax – $367 million
o   Land tax – $311 million
o   Property investors tax – $132 million
o   Car stamp duty – $100 million

*         Four new fees including Vets and Labour Hire Companies.
*         Higher unemployment rate in budget year – 6.25%
*         Failed to deliver over $500 million of infrastructure promised last year (total capital purchases and grants $9.6 billion vs a budget of $10.1 billion)
*         The unemployment rate is expected to deteriorate more than previously predicted in 2018/19.

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