Thank You Father Paul Kelly

by Ted Sorensen
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Mr SORENSEN (Hervey Bay—LNP) (5.09 pm): I would like to speak on the Criminal Law Amendment Bill.

First of all I would like to thank Father Paul Kelly for campaigning for about eight or nine years now to get this before the parliament. He has worked his butt off to get it here. I tell you what, for somebody to go out there and get a petition with 290,000 signatures proves that this guy was determined to get this legislation up.

After listening to this debate today, I wonder whether this legislation would be before the House if it were not for Father Paul Kelly. Father Paul Kelly was the parish priest in Maryborough. We had some discussions about this law when that gentlemen was murdered in Maryborough.

If that guy is sitting up in heaven today and looking down, he can know that he died for a reason: to have this law passed so that all people are equal. I think it is very important that all people are treated equally. I thank Father Paul Kelly for everything he did, because he was the one who persisted to get this law changed.

I congratulate him. Good on you, Father Kelly. You did it.

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