Ted’s Achievements As Member For Hervey Bay

by Ted Sorensen
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Here is a list of some of Teds achievements as the State Member for Hervey Bay since 2009. The Liberal National Party has only had 3 years in government.  As an Opposition member Ted has held this do nothing Labor government to account, on many levels – too many to mention here.

While you are reading this list, please ask yourself this question – what has the Labor Government, while in power, delivered in Hervey Bay in the last 8 years?

Ted has;

  • January, 2020 – All bus connections for Queensland Rail long-distance services are included in the journey for TPI/EDA cardholders. It’s a win for common sense.
  • Increased Dialysis chairs so locals did not have to travel to Gympie and beyond
  • Coordinated with government departments, and sourced overseas manufacturers for St Peter statue at Urangan rock wall. The un-veiling of St Peter Statue – in honour of lost fisherman
  • Boot Camps for disengaged youth / which was then cancelled by Labor – for youth detention centres, that are in disarray
  • Promoted the Qld Plan – with a keen focus on the pillars that drive our economy, and employment
  • Hervey Bay Hockey – $350k Feds $100k LNP State in joint funding, they can now hold top level events
  • Fraser Coast Roads 4.75m Old Toogoom and River Heads Road. Coalition Fed government funding
  • Early Learning centre refurbishments
  • Increased infrastructure monies for advancing our schools maintenance; recurring funding. One example; $160,000 each school, in 2012-13 and up to $229,802 for Urangan High School in 2013-14.
  • New Fire Truck for Hervey Bay station 2013
  • Flashing lights at schools – Urangan, Sandy straits, Torquay for the safety of school children and others
  • Student literacy funding – Great results funding for all state schools in Hervey Bay
  • Dental Hervey Bay wait lists dropped from 108 months to 19 months and then to zero when the Liberal National Party was in government
  • Maryborough wait lists dropped from 98 months to 8 months to zero
  • New Cancer and Dental Clinic. This infrastructure and the essential services it promotes was completely ignored by the Labor government. (It was ok for our elderly and ill, to make a trip to Brisbane, self-funded in one day, which took 18-20 hours?)  This centre includes 14 Chemotherapy chairs and 16 extra dental chairs.
  • FIFO facility @ Hervey Bay airport – Royalty to Regions program funding $500K
  • Intersections x 3 – only one to be delivered by the Labor government in this term of government. The Labor party has played Russian roulette with these intersections, to have them under construction by the election / with two (2) needed but not even started yet.  Hervey Bay cannot wait another three years for motorist safety.
  • July – 2014 Instigated “Swim with the Whales”, + Fraser Island western beach access for whale boats in off season
  • Woody Island – Middlebluff lighthouse restored $200K. The North Bluff lighthouse is next, and with the Minister for approval
  • Artificial reefs to boost recreational fishing Fraser Coast. Simpson & Hardie Reefs $1.5m delivered
  • Hervey Bay Get in the Game / Get Playing / Get Going – hugely successful in Hervey Bay. To give families the opportunity to pay the sporting registration fee (Get in the game).
  • Another example (Get Playing) hockey $100k – to Bay Power field lighting initiatives, Tennis, Fraser coast Swimming club and many more.
  • LNP State funding for CCTV in Scarness
  • Numerous more funding packages to sporting groups / non for profit organisations / support letters
  • Advocacy and guidance to the hard working community groups in Hervey Bay that make a difference to our city.
  • Anzac memorial – $70k grant Freedom Park Pialba
  • LNP spent $23.4 Million on cataract eye surgery / huge waiting lists in Hervey Bay were only addressed by an LNP government. Waiting list was in excess of 900 patients, some of them could barely see
  • Support to all of Hervey Bay’s organisations, not limited to Neighbourhood watch centres but also Non-Government organisations such as Men’s shed’s, Leukaemia foundation, Red Shield Appeal, Progress Associations, Diabetes Queensland, Blood Bank, Parkinson support group, Vietnam Vets Association, just to name a few.
  • Meals on Wheels – refurbishments
  • Changed Qld Laws for pre-gestational period acknowledgement for still-born babies – Commemorative certificates
  • Liquor Accord Hervey Bay – tester for the rest of Queensland, unruly patrons.
  • The Tobruk – worked with all interested groups, to secure Torbruk for the Fraser Coast / Bundaberg region.
  • $44M upgrade of the Hervey Bay emergency Department @ the Hospital
  • Review into the management of the Fraser Island Dingo
  • January, 2020 – All bus connections for Queensland Rail long-distance services are included in the journey for TPI/EDA cardholders. It’s a win for common sense.

In summary, Ted & his staff have dealt with some 80,000 electronic files, in the last 8 years and many other smaller projects and enquiries too numerous to mention.

It’s important that Hervey Bay has a responsible government to meet the needs for the growth and expansion of our vibrant city.

Ted & I are proud Liberal National Party members and Ted is happy to be part of a dynamic team that will provide safe and liveable communities, while also better managing the State’s finances when in Government.

(Contributed by Steve Baker, Hervey Bay)








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