Ted’s Plan For Hervey Bay

by Ted Sorensen

A message from Ted Sorensen

Queenslanders deserve a State Budget that gives them hope and optimism for the future – a budget that drives economic growth and investment, creates jobs for young Queenslanders and delivers the services and infrastructure we need.

Instead Labor delivered a budget of broken promises that relied on raiding $4 billion worth of public servants’ superannuation to prop up their budget black hole.

Labor promised infrastructure, but investment is at a record low. It promised growth, but Queensland’s growth rate has been cut by almost a quarter. It promised to pay down debt, but debt is still marching towards $80 billion in the forward years.

Premier Palaszczuk promised “jobs now and for the future”, but Queensland’s youth unemployment rate is now the second highest in Australia.

Our newly launched plan to Get Queensland Working will create up to 20,000 jobs for young Queenslanders by offering $5000 grants to small businesses to take on apprentices, $4000 grants to employ 15-24 year olds, $500 tool vouchers for tradies who finish their apprenticeship, and workers compensation rebates for businesses who employ and retain employees for 12 months.

Only the LNP has a plan to get Queensland moving.

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