Ted talks about the Fraser Coast Chronicle’s Fake News.

by Ted Sorensen
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Hansard from last night.

Queensland Parliament Hansard Green

DATE: 02/03/2017


SUBJECT: Hervey Bay Electorate


Hervey Bay Electorate

Mr SORENSEN (Hervey Bay—LNP) (9.53 pm): I rise tonight to set the record straight with regard to conversations about my relationship with the local newspaper on the Fraser Coast. The Fraser Coast Chronicle can barely get anything right most of the time. I table an article titled ‘End of the scallop industry’.

Tabled paper: Extract from the Fraser Coast Chronicle’s Facebook page regarding the Queensland electoral redistribution.

That is all fake news; it really is. The end of the scallops—

Honourable members interjected.

Mr SPEAKER: I want to hear the member for Hervey Bay.

Mr SORENSEN: On their Facebook page it says, ‘No change to electoral boundaries on the Fraser Coast’. Yes, there are changes. That is more fake news. I will table that as well.

Tabled paper: Article from the Fraser Coast Chronicle, dated 27 February 2017, titled ‘End to scallop industry’.

I would like all members and also the Deputy Premier to know about this. For the information of members, the chronicle wanted to have a sit down interview with me. That was great. Let us do it.

Matthew McInerney, a journalist from the chronicle, and I spent three hours together on 21 February.  We talked about Hervey Bay and its growth and what is needed in the future. I thought about all the things that the LNP has done in Hervey Bay.

We hopped in the car and we went for a drive around my electorate. I drove up to Hervey Bay State High School were an indoor sport centre and 16 classrooms have been built. Then we went to the health centre and had a look at the dental clinic that was built when we were in government. We also saw the cancer clinic that we built when we were in government.

I showed him the hospital where $44 million is going to be spent upgrading that facility. I showed him St Stephen’s Hospital which is one of the most advanced hospitals in Australia in terms of its computerisation. I also took him out to Urraween Road to see the missing link. We want to upgrade the road between Urraween Road and Boundary Road. Then we went to the airport. I have done a lot over the years to upgrade that airport and make sure we have jets coming straight from Sydney. That is something that the other towns around my area do not have.

I then took him out to River Heads and showed him where I would like to see a small marina built and a new boat ramped constructed. What about a helipad on Fraser Island for the ambulance station at Happy Valley? The community association wants to build it for them, CASA has done the design for it and guess what? This government will not allow them to do it.

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