Ted asks – Why are Labor and the Greens so racist.

by Ted Sorensen
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Many people have come to my office to talk about the Adani mining project. Labor Lefties would have you believe that the LNP are environmental wrecking machines. I support the mining industry in Australia unashamedly, and I support the environment. I also support renewable energy initiatives.

The Hervey Bay electorate has one of the largest participation rates in solar power energy in the State and that’s a great accolade to have. We all understand, that we will have a mix of energy into the future and how this energy is managed cost effectively for business, is high on my priority list.

I’m tired of watching great businesses in Hervey Bay, who employ hundreds of people, struggle with power costs. The LNP understands that Businesses employ Queenslanders. The bigger the business, the higher the energy costs. We must look after them.

In Australia, as a younger smaller country, we have been able to grow and develop and enjoy a standard of living that is comfortable. Life is good in Australia. It would take a brave person to say that India which is the largest democracy in the world, does not have the right to develop and evolve its own country, to feed, clothe, warm and cool their citizens adequately.

I’m not the person to say that India should not be afforded all the rights and privileges we did as a society in Australia, just because we had less people. The Adani coal mine will lift the life of impoverished communities in India.

I wish our democratic neighbour all the very best, as they build a strong, stable democracy with reliable energy resources available throughout their country – like we enjoy in Australia. The Galilee basin has a number of mines. The Adani Carmichael mine is just one. I would like to ask why the Greens and Labor Parties are so racist and so against an Indian democracy progressing?

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