Teachers’ Pay Agreement Must Improve Outcomes For Kids

by Ted Sorensen
  • LNP agrees teachers should be rewarded for the great work they do in our classrooms
  • Palaszczuk Labor Government must ensure changes in conditions lead to improved student outcomes
  • NAPLAN results a mixed bag and Queensland students lagging in writingThe LNP has called on the Palaszczuk Government to ensure the agreement reached with teachers today will deliver better results for Queensland kids.

    Shadow Education Minister Tracy Davis said teachers needed to be paid fairly for the great work they do in our classrooms to ensure our children kids get a quality education.

    “We value the work Queensland teachers do and hold them in the highest regard for the contribution they make to our kids’ futures,” Ms Davis said.

    “The LNP is simply seeking assurances from Labor that the changes to conditions they’ve agreed to improve outcomes for Queensland students.

    “We also need to be assured that Labor has made proper provisions to pay for these wage rises, as deserved as they may be. Labor has a very poor record of managing taxpayers’ money so we’re simply asking, are these measures budgeted for?”

    Ms Davis said Annastacia Palaszczuk and Kate Jones needed to ensure Queensland families were getting bang for their buck after preliminary NAPLAN results for 2016 showed mixed results for Queensland students.

    “We want to see our children reach their potential, but we must see gains in all areas and at the moment there are children emerging from the Queensland education system without basic writing skills,” she said.

    “While the results for Year Three students are encouraging, writing results for Year Nine students are concerning,” she said.

    “These students will soon enter their senior studies where a strong foundation in writing skills is essential. Writing is a core skill our young people need when they leave school to get a job.”

    Ms Davis said Queensland’s non-participation rate in NAPLAN showed students ranked just above the Northern Territory and well behind other states.

    “How can we garner the most accurate results of how Queensland students are faring when only around 87 per cent of our students sit the NAPLAN test?” she said.

    “Kate Jones needs to explain what is behind this falling participation rate and fix it fast.

    “Our students deserve better than an asleep at the wheel Labor government and Annastacia Palaszczuk and Kate Jones need to put their feet on the throttle or risk our students’ chances of a brighter future.”

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