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LNP’s Renewable Energy Policy Is The Same Today

by Ted Sorensen
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LNP Leader, Deb Frecklington statement:

The Queensland LNP’s renewable energy policy is the same today as it was when I first announced it in my budget in-reply speech in June.

This is what I said in my budget in-reply speech:

  • An LNP government would mandate government owned energy companies to support renewable energy generation.
  • We would work with the Australian Energy Market Operator to find the right mix of energy generation to ensure our electricity supply is affordable, secure and clean.
  • I promise Queenslanders that the LNP will plan for a future beyond coal. These government owned businesses need a future beyond the current generation stock and should be allowed to
    look at new technologies when it makes economic sense to do so.”

I stand by this policy statement and it will ensure we maximise opportunities for government owned businesses under the National Energy Guarantee which includes an emissions

Labor’s restrictions on these government owned businesses for investing in new technology will make them less competitive under the National Energy Guarantee and has been described by
the ETU as privatisation by stealth.

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