Queensland Employment Falls For Sixth Straight Month

by Ted Sorensen

Employment in Queensland falls for sixth straight month, with more Queenslanders out of work.
1,500 jobs lost last month on the trend measure – worst result in Australia.
Participation rate continues to decline as people give up looking for work.

Trend employment in Queensland has fallen for the sixth straight month with 22,400 Queenslanders losing their jobs since Januuary.

Shadow Treasurer Scott Emerson said the latest labour force figures showed an alarming trend with a declining participation rate and a continued transition away from full-time work.

“There’s no cause for celebration in these figures with Queenslanders continuing to lose their jobs under the Palaszczuk Labor Government,” Mr Emerson said.

“We’ve seen 1,500 jobs go last month, the worst jobs loss of any state in Australia.”

Mr Emerson said that result would have been worse if the fall in full-time employment of 2,700 had not been partly off-set by a small increase in part-time jobs.

“For six straight months Queenslanders have lost their jobs and the Premier and her Treasurer have no answers,” he said.

“While the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate dropped in July, this was again masked by a declining participation rate as people gave up looking for work.

“Looking at this measure almost 23,000 Queenslanders have lost their jobs since the beginning of the year.”

Mr Emerson said the ABS figures came on top of a range of independent surveys and reports showing business confidence in Queensland was plummeting under the Palaszczuk Government.

–          Rate is steady at 6.3 per cent
–          Trend employment has declined for six consecutive months
–          1,500 jobs lost last month (2,700 full-time)
–          22,400 jobs gone since January (24,700 full-time)
–          Participation rate has declined for six straight months

Seasonally adjusted:
–          Rate drops to 6.1 per cent
–          22,900 jobs gone since January (21,200 full-time)
–          Participation down 1.4% since January

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