Pitt Finally Admits $4 Billion Raid Was Never Recommended

by Ted Sorensen

Queensland Treasurer finally admits his risky raid on superannuation was never recommended by State Actuary

Curtis Pitt concedes there was no justification for Labor’s $4 billion raid

Mr Pitt’s admission proves he truly is “Captain Risky”

Queensland Treasurer Curtis Pitt has finally admitted his $4 billion raid on public servants superannuation was never recommended by the State Actuary.

Shadow Treasurer Scott Emerson said in State Parliament today Curtis “Captain Risky” Pitt was forced to concede that State Actuary Wayne Cannon only ever recommended a $2 billion repatriation, half of what Labor ultimately gouged from the superannuation fund.

“Curtis Pitt was finally forced to come clean after the damning testimony of the State Actuary during budget estimates hearings,” Mr Emerson said.

“Today in Parliament he admitted there was never a recommendation for his $4 billion raid which was the centrepiece of his budget of raids, rip-offs and write-downs.”

Mr Pitt said regarding the $4 billon that “Mr Cannon advised this was not a recommendation…. there was no recommendation.”

“It’s alarming the government ignored the State Actuary’s independent recommendation and was playing Russian Roulette with public servants’ super,” Mr Emerson said.

“This was a reckless act of a desperate Government that could end up costing every taxpayer in Queensland and has substantially weakened the position of the superannuation fund.

“Despite facing serious fiscal challenges in government, the LNP never contemplated raiding the superannuation entitlements of hardworking Queenslanders.
“Queenslanders deserve better than a do-nothing Government incapable of delivering a sustainable long-term economic plan for Queensland.”

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