Palaszczuk To Slug Families With Another Car Rego Hike

by Ted Sorensen

*  Labor set to slug struggling Queenslanders with another hike in car registration costs to cover their hopeless financial management
*  Premier Palaszczuk and Pitt refuse to use their power to freeze car rego costs
*  LNP guarantees family car rego wouldn’t rise more than inflation for first term

The Palaszczuk Labor Government had once again shown its total fiscal incompetence and neglect of Queensland families with plans to push car registration costs even higher.

Shadow Minister for Transport Andrew Powell said Premier Palaszczuk and her Treasurer Curtis Pitt had the power to freeze car rego costs but had chosen instead to slug Queenslanders with a registration price hike two times the rate of inflation.

“Where’s Premier Palaszczuk’s commitment to the battlers now? Queensland families are struggling to cope with spiraling household costs but the Premier doesn’t seem to care,” Mr Powell said.

“Her Treasurer, Curtis Pitt can strike whatever car rego rates he likes, but instead thinks it’s OK to treat Queensland motorists as cash cows to cover the fact that he has no idea how to balance Queensland’s books.

“The LNP froze car registration costs for the three years we were in government and we’ve given a guarantee that registration for the family car would not rise by more than the inflation rate during the first term of an LNP government.

“Premier Palaszczuk has the power to do exactly the same.

“Instead, we see this desperate Labor Government looking for any opportunity to raise revenue, deciding to increase car rego to over $350 per year for a four-cylinder car, and saying ‘to hell with the impact on Queensland families’.”

Mr Powell said Queenslanders would remember that Qld Labor had form in hitting up Queenslanders to raise the revenue required to prop up a state budget that bled red ink due to their fiscal ineptitude.

“Car rego costs soared by 30 per cent in the last four years of the Bligh government and Premier Palaszczuk herself was the Minister responsible for a 52 per cent hike in public transport fares in the last three Bligh years,” he said.

“Queenslanders deserve better than this clueless Labor Government that has no plan except to slug Queensland families.”

“Only an LNP Government has the experience and competence to power up the economy, generate jobs and manage the state’s debt.”

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