Palaszczuk Government Proposal Puts Our Sparkies At Risk

by Ted Sorensen

Friday, 6 May 2016

  • Ted Sorensen MP backs Save Our Sparkies petition to stop Labor’s electricity giant
  • Labor’s Ergon/Energex monolith will unfairly compete with mum and dad businesses
  • LNP are standing with our Sparkies in time of uncertainty

    State Member for Hervey Bay Ted Sorensen has called on his electorate to Save Our Sparkies and sign an e-petition to protect local businesses.

    Ted said the Labor Government was planning to create a new government-owned business to compete against mum and dad sparkies by offering a range of electrical services such as smart meter and solar panel installation.

    “The Palaszczuk Labor Government is turning its back on Hervey Bay sparkies with this plan, which will grab their work and destroy their livelihoods,” Ted said.

    “I’m calling on our community to help Save Our Sparkies by signing the petition to tell Annastacia Palaszczuk to put a stop to her plan that puts our local sparkies’ jobs at risk.”

    “Hervey Bay has ample number of licensed electricians whose jobs are under threat by this plan.”

    Shadow Minister for Small Business and Employment, Tim Nicholls condemned the plan saying there is no demonstrated need for a government sponsored and taxpayer funded monolith.

    “Labor’s crazy plan to merge Energex with Ergon and then allow the new company to unfairly bid against sparkies for bread and butter electrical work shows the contempt they have for small business, Mr Nicholls said.

    “Labor jumps to attention when the ETU calls but couldn’t care less about the damage they will do to sparkies across the state.”

    Shadow Minister for Energy, Andrew Powell said the Labor government could requTed ire government agencies to use the merged electricity company rather than their local sparky.

    “Will we now see Labor direct all government departments to use this government-owned, taxpayer-funded monstrosity putting hundreds of small business and the families that run them at risk?” Mr Powell said.

    “Only the LNP will Save Our Sparkies and I encourage all concerned to sign the petition at

    Queensland’s 10,000 licenced electricians will be forced to compete with the government

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