More Labor Lies

by Ted Sorensen
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“Yesterday’s announcement from the Palaszczuk Labor Government that it will conduct a desperate fire sale of state-owned land is clear proof that Annastacia Palaszczuk lied to Queenslanders.
“The Premier needs to come clean with the people of Hervey Bay and tell them what land she plans to sell in our area and where will the money go, Ted said.

“But let’s face it, we know she won’t give that detail because she doesn’t have it, Ted said.

“Labor hasn’t told Queenslanders what land they’ll sell, how much money their asset sales will raise or how they’ll spend that money – this is just a massive cash grab from a government with no proper economic plan.

“But the worst thing of all is that the Premier has lied to Queenslanders when she said she wouldn’t sell assets and now she is – she can’t be trusted”, he said.

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