Fraser Island Unclaimed Tins

Missing Invitation From Minister

by Ted Sorensen
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Welcome to Minister for Environment Leanne Enoch.

Apparently the Minister is in my electorate to talk about the Tobruk and I imagine the Minister has misplaced Federal MP Keith Pitt’s and my invitation and feels very bad for the non-invite, particularly after all the work Keith and I did to secure the Tobruk.

Anyhow, I can live in hope that Minister responds to my enquiries about these bags of cans that are accumulated on World Heritage Fraser Island, that

  1. Cannot get off the island, and
  2. There is no re-cycling availability over there.

Seems so wrong when some 500,000 bottles and cans are generated yearly by tourists who visit the Island.

Even an instant cash container refund establishment in Hervey Bay would be nice.

I await in anticipation the Minister’s response.

May be like our invitation today though….it’s in the bin…!!

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