Misleading Captions

by Ted Sorensen
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It’s amazing how far some media will go to posture a story via captions to support their political mates.

The bottom two stories are about the ALP Member for Maryborough Bruce Saunders, calling Ted a dog, when Ted was delivering a speech in Parliament.

Ted’s speech aimed to defend his office staff who had suffered from some very unsavoury, politically motivated intimidations.

Let’s Lift the Politics’: Saunders’s responds to dog comment…..  Why would Saunder’s respond to his own comment you ask?    Well, so do we….

You’re a Dog: caption is on Ted’s photo to make inference that he said it…. Well, no he didn’t.

To clarify things, here is the speech.

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Queensland Parliament Hansard Green
DATE: 16/06/2017
SUBJECT: (no subject found)
Mr SORENSEN (Hervey Bay—LNP) (5.16 pm): Mr Deputy Speaker—
Government members interjected.

Mr SORENSEN: I have heard some fairy stories in my time, but you take the cake!

Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER (Mr Elmes): Member for Hervey Bay, if I get to my feet and someone continues to speak they will be warned under the standing orders.

Mr SORENSEN: The other day when I looked at the budget papers I saw a document titled `Regional Action Plan: Jobs for Brisbane’. That has to be a joke.

Ms Simpson: That sums it up.

Mr SORENSEN: That sums it up. Can members imagine going down to Canberra and saying, `We’ve got a regional action plan for Brisbane’? It is unbelievable. I just cannot believe that that garbage was sitting on the top of the budget papers we received the other day. I then saw the regional action plan for Wide Bay. I thought that sounded pretty good. I saw under Health that there is $2.5 billion worth of works, but it included the Darling Downs and Sunshine Coast hospital and health services in with Wide Bay. I am not sure how Darling Downs and the Sunshine Coast got into Wide Bay. Somebody should go back and rewrite some of this stuff, because it is just a joke. No wonder we think this budget is nothing more than a con.

Mr Costigan: They are geographically challenged.

Mr SORENSEN: They are. They do not know where things are. There is an allocation for an administration block extension at Yarrilee State School. I feel really sorry for this school, because it has 200 more students than it was built for. Why do we in this parliament have to wait for a crisis before we do anything? This Labor government is always catching up in that there first has to be a crisis, yet it has to be able to do something about it.

Mr Saunders interjected.

Mr SORENSEN: Mate, let us compare my achievements when we were in government against yours.

Mr Saunders interjected.

Mr SORENSEN: That was never in my seat, mate. I will give the member a little briefing on what I did do.

Mr Saunders interjected.

Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER (Mr Elmes): Order! Member for Maryborough, if you feel the overpowering need to interject, you can do it from your proper seat.

Mr SORENSEN: When we were in government we built the cancer clinic in Hervey Bay, we built the dental clinic in Hervey Bay, we built a sporting centre for the Hervey Bay State High School, we built 16 classrooms and we put two artificial reefs in Hervey Bay. We actually got things done, but since then there has been very little except regurgitating. One of the biggest things in the budget papers is the World Heritage extension of Fraser Island. It will cost $373,000 for a nomination dossier to the federal government. We are spending $373,000 on the progress of the Great Sandy Strait World Heritage nomination—$373,000!

At a time when we are going into debt and we are spending that sort of money just on a dossier, I really wonder where we are going. We have children who need classrooms, but we are going to spend it on a dossier. Unbelievable! It is just an absolute waste of money.  This budget really has forgotten Hervey Bay once again and has delivered nothing else but regurgitated announcements of old money and old promises for Hervey Bay. Labor just cannot do anything, and I will give the House an idea of what I am talking about. The Burrum Heads Road-Scrub Hill-Wide Bay Drive intersection shows $26 million in this budget. There was $26 million in the 2016-17 budget. It was also in the 2015-16 budget, yet not one bit of soil has been turned yet.
Mr Stevens: The money’s there but no action.

Mr SORENSEN: The money is there, but those opposite cannot do the job. They simply cannot get things done. Why? They reckon they have spent $4,944,000 to date, but nothing has been done.  There is just nothing there. It is unbelievable! At least Urraween Road got going, but I always have to have a laugh about that given that the minister stood up on 20 April and said that the intersection was upgraded four weeks ago. I can tell members that that intersection is still being worked on. It was not finished in 2017. We had to start a petition to get any action out of this government, but at least it is getting done. The other intersection is the Burrum Heads Road intersection with the Maryborough-Hervey Bay Road.

I was at that intersection the other day and traffic was backed up from the Eli Waters Shopping Centre right back up the road to Xavier Catholic College and then out to Dundowran as far as the eye could see. That is the type of traffic congestion at that intersection of a morning. We really need a fair go with those sorts of things. It was a real joke when he said that it was upgraded four weeks ago. The government has also failed to deliver $1.7 billion for those works, yet they are some of the intersections that should have been done by now. In three years nothing has been done—three years!

Ms Boyd interjected.

Mr SORENSEN: Three budgets then—three budgets.

Ms Grace: How many?

Mr SORENSEN: Three budgets—do you want me to say it again?—and nothing being done.  Another issue is electricity costs. The other day I was with the shadow minister in Hervey Bay
when we went around to a few businesses. We asked one business owner about electricity costs. He was just getting a new contract. After two years it had expired and he was looking for a new contract.  That new contract is going to cost him 50 per cent more than the one two years ago, yet Labor says electricity prices are not going up much. They went up by 50 per cent for this one business person employing 100 people in Hervey Bay—50 per cent! How are some of these small businesses going to survive?

It is very difficult for some of these businesses to be able to compete in the market. In this regard, cotton growers are saying to get off the grid. They refer to electricity prices as a death spiral.  Irrigators are going to get off the grid. They are going to go back to diesel generators so they can get electricity, because if you are pumping flood harvesting water into a dam you need the pumps to go when it is there so you cannot really run it off a solar panel because you need it going all of the time.  Even Brian Tessmann and QDO’s main concern now is electricity costs. What is happening with all of that?

I have had one hell of a week, and I now turn to domestic violence and abuse against women.  The Labor Party has said what it is going to do with the Not now, not ever campaign for women.  Domestic violence and violence against women in general is just not on. Violence takes many shapes and forms and is predominantly against women, and we need to get a lot tougher. Only this week my staff had to put up with threats and unacceptable abuse and violence. I want to give the House an example of the resources needed such as police and the courts to address such abuse and threats of violence. The police had to be called to my office to investigate how real the threats may have been.

The police do a great job and I thank them for their support. They have put a lot of time and effort into chasing down the threats and concerns. My staff member was verbally abused to the point where she advised attendees at my office that she would call the police if that individual came back into the office, which he was about to do. She was then vilified on a Facebook page and on that same Facebook page she read threats of guns and protesting and she wondered how far it would go, but I insisted on a police investigation. What is particularly interesting is that I want the Premier and the Attorney-General to know that Labor candidate for Hervey Bay Adrian Tantari posted on this Facebook page that was abusive to my female electorate officer. Therefore, he gave tacit approval of the abuse, name-calling and intimidation of my staff that was utterly reprehensible, totally unwarranted and untrue, and I table some of the documents.

Tabled paper: Document, undated, containing excerpts from Facebook page.

Mr SORENSEN: I have not tabled some of the vile stuff because it is shocking. This is hard to say. He was happy that my electorate officer was called a bimbo, a bitch, an effing something that I will not explain and a sick, miserable bitch of a woman. And what did he do? He then proceeded to take part in various conversations on the same Facebook page and say, `We will fight this all the way.’

Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER (Mr Elmes): One moment, member for Hervey Bay. I am wanting to make sure that some of the language that you are using is appropriate. I very much suggest that you
table whatever you have. I do not want to interrupt your flow, but I want you to be aware of it.

Mr SORENSEN: I have already tabled the Facebook page. On the Facebook page he said, `I will fight this all the way.’, and, ‘Your support is appreciated.’ This is what he is saying to these people
who have just abused my secretary. What does he think about the Attorney-General’s comments this week in the budget on the Not now, not ever campaign? The Attorney-General in her budget reply said, and this goes to the heart of the violence everywhere—violence was one of the most complex, insidious and damaging issues affecting our community—impacting the lives of children,
women, men and families, and causing harm across generations.

I thank Karen Kirk for returning alone to the office to first of all see if my staff member was alright and apologise for the behaviour of the man she was with, before the memes and comments were put on Facebook. Karen said that the group did themselves no favours by behaving in this manner. She is right. However, for the potential Labor candidate to participate in such activity is reprehensible. Some of the worst comments have been taken down under warnings of defamation to the Facebook page owner. I have provided some evidence of what it was about, but not all of it. It was all about the cashless credit card.They were trying to hold protests. It was organised by George Seymour, the deputy mayor of the Fraser Coast Regional Council. I will table these documents.

Tabled paper: Media article, dated 6 June 2017, titled ‘Cashless card protesters to crash minister’s meeting’.

Tabled paper: Excerpt from the Fraser Coast Chronicle, dated 29 May 2017, page 6.

Mr SORENSEN: This is garbage. I do not mind people having a go at me, but not my staff, the people who are trying every day to help people coming into the office. That is what I hate. If you want to have a go, have a go at me, not my staff—not the women in my office. If you want to play politics like that I will fight back harder than you can ever believe because I am not going to tolerate that sort of rubbish—not one ounce of it! I rang her today and she is still crying. On Tuesday she was not game to go in without police protection. That is the sort of crap that went on.

Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER: Member for Hervey Bay, I draw your attention to that unparliamentary remark and ask you to withdraw.

Mr SORENSEN: I withdraw that remark.

Mr Saunders interjected.

Mr SORENSEN: Do you support that then?


Mr COSTIGAN: I rise to a point of order. We just heard the member for Maryborough use the words ‘you’re a dog.’ I am not sure if I am speaking on my own here, I doubt it, but I find those comments offensive. I am sure the member for Hervey Bay finds them very offensive.

Mr SAUNDERS: I withdraw that remark, Mr Deputy Speaker.

Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER: Thank you, member for Maryborough. I call the member for Hervey Bay.

Mr SORENSEN: I do not care, but to come into my office in a set-up situation over this cashless credit card, which they know is a federal government issue not a state government issue, and for my staff to have to cop that abuse on Facebook by this group of people who organise these protests is a low level of politics. I do not mind them having a go at me, but do not go calling my staff the filthy names that were on that Facebook page. It is getting down to a low, low level of politics. I will leave it at that before I say something I should not say.

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