Recreational Vehicle Inquiry

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by Ted Sorensen
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Examples of motor recreational activities currently enjoyed by Queenslanders include recreational flying, engine powered models, social or marque car clubs, competitive car clubs, circuit racing, kart racing and historical motorcycle clubs, recreational and charity ride days and dirt motorcycle or motor cross clubs.

What is the inquiry about?

The inquiry will consider:

  • The economic impact of the motor recreation industry to Queensland, including opportunities to grow the industry to create jobs for Queenslanders;
  • The contribution of the industry to Queensland’s tourism sector and opportunities to grow Queensland’s share of the motor recreation tourism market;
  • The legislative, regulatory and policy framework in which the industry operates in all levels of government, and options for reform;
  • Options to improve the safety of all industry participants;
  • The impact on youth training and community engagement from motor recreational activities, including mental health outcomes.
  • The impact of the industry on road safety outcomes; and
  • Challenges facing the industry and the role of government in supporting the industry to continue creating jobs for Queenslanders.
  • Other issues that arise as agreed upon by the committee.

The inquiry will examine the volume and range of motor recreational activities currently practiced by and available to the people of Queensland and report to the Parliament.

Submissions close 4pm, Friday 13th December, 2019


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