Major Issues With Heart Valve Bank Operations

by Ted Sorensen
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Media Statement From LNP Shadow Health Minister Ros Bates:-

As a mother and a nurse, I am extremely concerned by the issues raised today by the Queensland Chief Health Officer.

There has clearly been a major failure within the system that has resulted in potentially cancerous tissue given to four Queensland children.  Three of those children were babies under one.

This is completely and utterly unacceptable.  My heart goes out to these poor kids and their families.  No one should ever have to endure something like this and we hope these children make a full recovery from this ordeal.

Distressingly, an internal review is now required to determine whether contaminated tissue has been used in other patients.  This is another blight on our public health system and a failure from this Labor Minister.

Labor’s Steven Miles should be answering the tough questions today and not hiding behind Dr Jeannette Young.  Issues at the Tissue Bank were raised by the LNP just a few weeks ago and dismissed by Steven Miles in the Parliament.

He said then that there was no impact on patients or patient care.  Clearly that was not correct and he now has serious questions to answer.

He also said that it was yet another example of the LNP coming in and seeking to undermine public confidence in our public hospitals.  That also was not correct.

Steven Miles has been too busy playing politics with our health system than focusing on patient care.  This is something that should never have happened and we will be pursuing this issue on behalf of these kids and their families.

Link to Hansard, where the LNP asked Health Minister Steven Miles about the issue:

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