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LNP to take real action against domestic violence

by Ted Sorensen
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A Tim Nicholls-led LNP Government will tackle domestic violence and implement a five-point action plan to better protect victims and their families.

  • LNP will introduce a tough new five-point plan to take real action against domestic violence
  • Only the LNP is serious about addressing domestic violence, after introducing tough new bail and parole laws for domestic violence offenders in early 2017
  • Only the LNP will better support Queensland families

    LNP Shadow Minister for Prevention of Family and Domestic Violence Ros Bates said domestic violence victims had been failed by Annastacia Palaszczuk.

    “Domestic violence victims have suffered for too long under Annastacia Palaszczuk,” Ms Bates said.

    “Over the last three years we have seen cases of offenders finding out where their victims were because of a bungle by Annastacia Palaszczuk.

    Enough is enough. Only the LNP has a real plan to take action against domestic violence.

    “A LNP Government will protect victims and their families, we will empower victims and force perpetrators to break the cycle of violence.

    “We have listened to domestic violence victims and their families, planned in consultation and acted to develop this tough new domestic violence plan.

    “This plan will better support Queensland families through greater protection of domestic and family violence victims.”

    Ms Bates said victims needed to have confidence in the system, which is why the LNP had developed a five-point plan.

    “Under our five-point plan we will introduce a new offence for domestic violence, similar to the amendments introduced to the British Parliament in 2015,” Ms Bates said.

    “Currently there is no specific domestic violence offence in our laws by which to charge an offender.

    “We will work with police and domestic violence advocates to develop a specific domestic violence offence, to better protect victims.

    “An LNP Government will also amend the Evidence Act 1977 to prohibit a perpetrator from personally cross-examining a victim either in a civil or criminal matter.”

    Ms Bates said a Tim Nicholls-led LNP Government would introduce a trial pro-disclosure scheme in line with Clare’s Law.

    “The Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme, known as Clare’s Law, gives members of the public a formal means to enquire about the domestic violence convictions and crimes of any individual with whom they are in a relationship, or who is in a relationship with someone they know,” she said.

    “By bringing in Clare’s Law, partners will take a major step forward in ensuring the safety of their families when entering into a new relationship.

    “As part of our five-point plan to tackle domestic violence, magistrates also will be required to rotate through a specialist domestic violence court as a part of their professional development.

    “Only the LNP will deliver safe and liveable communities through our five-point plan.”

    Ms Bates said the LNP would ensure it was easier for victims and families escaping domestic violence to find information by setting up two, one-stop domestic violence shops in Queensland.

    “In partnership with a NGO service, we will establish one-stop shops for domestic violence victims in Townsville and on the Gold Coast,” Ms Bates said.

    “Existing domestic violence services would be brought in under the single centre umbrella and have to work collaboratively and in a coordinated manner to support victims of domestic and sexual violence.

    “Our domestic violence one-stop support network will have a “no wrong door” policy to ensure victims don’t slip through the cracks.

    “Only the LNP has shown it is serious about addressing domestic violence – introducing a series of tough new bail and parole laws for domestic violence offenders in 2017.

    “This five-point plan is a part of our ongoing commitment to better supporting Queensland families.”

    Our five-point plan to tackle domestic violence:

    *   Introduce a New Offence of Domestic Violence
    *   Protecting victims of domestic violence through the court process
    *   ‘Clare’s Law’ – Pro-Disclosure of Previous Offending to Intimate Partners and Family
    *   Magistrates to rotate through specialist domestic violence court
    *   Domestic Violence One-Stop Support Network

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