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LNP Targets Returned Vets For Jobs & Support

by Ted Sorensen
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Veterans Support Fighting to help our veterans who fought to help us was a sacred trust, the LNP’s employment spokeswoman Fiona Simpson said today while visiting Hervey Bay for Veteran’s Health Week.

Hervey Bay MP Ted Sorensen and Ms Simpson met with veterans following the Veteran’s Health Week “Health and Wellbeing” Breakfast today to discuss issues they want help addressing, particularly with finding work after leaving the service.

“Helping our returned service men and women succeed in transitioning to civilian life is all our responsibility,” Ms Simpson said. “It’s the role of Government, as individual elected reps, but also as community members as we all know someone who has served our country and they deserve not only our thanks but our help.

“We know that unemployment rates can be 2-3 per cent higher than the general population and there can also be other everyday health challenges that are magnified for vets.

“If we value our vets, we shouldn’t forget our vets and that means first understanding why they face special challenges of adjustment and transition to civilian life in order to provide better support.

“The LNP State team took a plan to the last election to help 200 veterans find employment in the public sector, and the Labor Government also recently announced a similar pilot plan for 100 veterans. That’s a step in the right direction to breakdown barriers to employment where people have skills that can be used in other areas of public service.

“However, there are many serious issues with access to work in the regions, particularly where employment in the private sector is tougher. There are also some significant health issues which need better support and that’s why we’re meeting with people today to hear their concerns and advocate for them.”

Mr Sorensen said the feedback he and Ms Simpson received from local veterans would go into the LNP’s policy for the next election as well as advocating for appropriate help today.

This policy input was part of a State-wide program of engagements led by Member for Burnett and Shadow Minister for Veterans Stephen Bennett assisted by returned veteran and new LNP Member for Buderim, Brent Mickelberg.

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