LNP Plan to Crack Down on Youth Crime

by Ted Sorensen
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With increasing rates of car theft, hooning and break-ins, some young criminals are being arrested in the morning and let go only to be re-arrested in the afternoon.

Labor’s softly softly approach has created a revolving door which isn’t working. That’s why an LNP Government will introduce some of the toughest youth justice reforms in the nation, to make you safer. No ifs, no buts and no more excuses.

1/. Breach of Bail:- Re-introducing breach of bail as an offence
2/. Community Service:- Mandatory community service for those
convicted of break-ins, car theft or hooning
3/. Detention:- Re-introducing detention for repeat offenders to
stop them running riot on our streets
4/. Name and Shame:- Giving Courts the ability to name and shame repeat offenders
5/. No Driver’s Licence:- Restricting offenders licences if convicted of car theft or hooning

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