LNP moves to keep rego costs down

by Ted Sorensen

Stop Qld Rego RisingLNP moves to keep rego costs down
In Parliament today, the LNP Opposition moved disallowance motion to protect Queensland families from paying too much for their car registration that will be debated tomorrow night.

Shadow Minister for Transport Scott Emerson said the Palaszczuk-Gordon Government want to hit Queenslanders with an unfair registration increase at twice the level of inflation.

"We will not stand by and let Labor drive up the cost of living to make up for its failure to manage the State Budget," Mr Emerson said.

"Labor's price hikes will mean registration costs for four-cylinder cars will jump from $280.05 to $289.95, excluding insurance costs from 1 July 2015.

"We urge all Members of Parliament to consider the impact this kind of cost increase will have on the family budget and to vote in the best interest of their constituents."

Mr Emerson said at a time when unemployment was up, jobs were scarce and families were struggling to pay their bills, Queenslanders deserved better.

"We don't want to go back to the bad old days when Labor increased registration by 30 per cent in four years," he said.

"When the LNP came into Government we worked hard to keep costs as low as possible by freezing family car registration for three years.

"If Labor's 3.5 per cent increase is allowed to proceed, it will be a step backwards and will return Queensland to being the most expensive state in Australia to own a car.

"I don't think Queenslanders voted for massive hikes in registration fees."

Car type What it was (2014-15) If it had gone up by CPI (currently 1.4% in Brisbane) What it will be in 2015-16 under ALP
Car Rego Costs Table
4-cylinder $280.05 $283.95 $289.95
6-cylinder $443.45 $449.65 $458.95
8-cylinder $620.95 $629.65 $642.70

NOTE – These costs exclude CTP and Traffic Improvement Levy, which also add to car registration bill

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