LNP commits to reopen Mason inquest

LNP Commits To Reopen Mason Inquest

by Ted Sorensen
  • An LNP Government will commit to a reopened inquest into Annette Mason death
  • Attorney-General has previously dismissed family’s calls for reopened inquest without meeting with them
  • New evidence brought to light could provide answers for Annette’s familyAn LNP Government will direct a reopened inquest into a nearly 30-year-old Darling Downs cold case, Opposition Leader Tim Nicholls announced today.

    Mr Nicholls said significant new evidence presented to Shadow Attorney-General Ian Walker had warranted the LNP’s commitment to reopen the inquest into the death of Toowoomba teenager Annette Mason in 1989.

    “We hope today’s announcement will bring some comfort to Annette’s family who have never given up hope their daughter’s death would be further investigated,” he said.

    “Annette’s mother and sister have fought long and hard for this second inquest, which Attorney-General Yvette D’Ath dismissed without even a meeting to hear their evidence.

    “It was only last week the Attorney-General finally agreed to meet with Annette’s family, but there was no commitment to reopen the case, which we believe should occur in light of new evidence.

    “I urge the Attorney-General to hold an inquest now. Memories fade, people die and another delay of an inquest is just further anguish for Annette’s family.”

    Mr Walker said the reopened inquest would be granted on the basis that those with the new evidence were ready, willing and able to present it in front of the Coroner.

    “We understand some people may be fearful to present this evidence for fear of retaliation from certain parties, but Annette’s family deserves the answers they’ve been denied for nearly 30 years,” Mr Walker said.

    Key facts:

  • The first inquest, held in 1991, returned an open finding and no one has been charged with Annette’s murder.
  • The inquest will be directed under Section 50 of the Coroner’s Act 2003.
  • There is a $250,000 police reward for information leading to a murder conviction.

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