LNP commits to ending Palaszczuk’s ID scanner farce

by Ted Sorensen
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The LNP has announced it will close a farcical loophole in the Palaszczuk Labor Government’s botched ID scanner laws following consultation with local communities across Queensland.

  • LNP will close dangerous loophole in Annastacia Palaszczuk’s botched ID scanner laws
  • LNP will standardise scanning laws to ensure all clubs begin scanning at midnight
  • LNP change will ensure patrons scanned and turned away at one venue cannot simply walk across the road and gain entry to another venue that escapes Labor’s laws

LNP Shadow Employment and Fair Trading Minister Jarrod Bleijie said an LNP government will push back the time licensed venues must start scanning from 10pm to midnight.

“This common sense change closes a two-hour loophole where one venue could close at midnight and not need ID scanners at all, yet one across the road might open until 1am and have to start scanning at 10pm,” Mr Bleijie said.

“We know of situations under Labor’s farcical legislation, where a patron turned away after 10pm at a venue that must use scanners because they trade beyond midnight can simply walk across the road and gain entry to another venue that doesn’t have to scan at all because it closes at midnight.

“Presumably if this patron has been refused entry from one club for posing a safety risk, he or she shouldn’t be allowed to simply stroll across the road and drink there.

“The implementation of ID laws has been a complete and utter stuff up under Annastacia Palaszczuk and Labor – the LNP will fix this mess up.”

Mr Bleijie said Labor’s petulant decision to scrap the LNP’s Safe Night Out Implementation Panel had inflicted long-term damage on Brisbane’s vibrant entertainment sector.

“Annastacia Palaszczuk has consistently failed to listen to local stakeholders in implementing their failed one-size-fits-all approach to liquor licensing,” he said.

“Queenslanders would remember that Labor only embraced ID scanners after their backflip on lockouts in February this year.

“They then totally ignored advice and warnings from stakeholder groups that their ID scanning laws were a disaster and arrogantly pushed ahead regardless – making Queensland an international laughing stock.

“Queenslanders’ safety shouldn’t be compromised by a policy with holes so big you can drive a truck through.

“What’s needed is a common sense approach that’s fair and balanced and importantly, one that works.

“A safe night out is a great night out and that’s the LNP priority.”

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