Caravan Scare

Let’s Clear This Up And Tow It Away.

by Ted Sorensen
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Retirees were to bear the brunt of apparently conjured car tax – under the new ‘towing’ regulations to be introduced by Labor’s Government Minister Mark Bailey.

Minister Mark Bailey was master and chief, presiding over the new regulations that would stop 4WD ‘modified’ vehicles from towing caravans, boats, horse floats and trailers because they exceeded their legal carrying capacity.  This was over a couple of pages in the Courier Mail on the 21 August, 2018… It’s a grey area over new towing rules.

Hervey Bay was named as a post code that would stand to be affected the most.

Could this have been a plan by the Labor State Government, to scare our Grey Nomads and blame it on the Feds?

Yes….!!  ‘Caravan-Scare’ 

If this was a political stunt – it was not very amusing at all and the loser is most definitely Minister Bailey.

Not even he, could have predicted the blow-back of his intention to go the minutia of someone’s ‘car’ in their ‘garage’.

When I saw the news……I can’t print what I thought.

We currently have laws in place in Queensland, that regulates the towing and load capacity of vehicles.

When people buy vehicles, they are well aware of their specifications.  It’s not rocket science.

And furthermore, how would this Labor government police these new regulations, with interstate vehicles being sold to Queenslanders and the many other variables.

So, the smoke raged into fire, when more news highlighting that stakeholders most affected by these new regulations, were not allowed a seat at the table with Minister Bailey.

Astounding… but wait, what is even more astounding, he then proclaimed in the Chronicle on the 22 August, 2017 which headlined ‘Bailey Blocks Changes’ Road Minister blames Feds for Regulation scare

With this new news of Minister Bailey’s heroism in blocking the FEDS, I immediately asked my federal colleagues and got this response;

The short of this is that the Australian Government has not and is not proposing any changes to the way modifications to new vehicles are regulated under the Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989.

Commonwealth regulations applying to new vehicles have not changed and advice was recently issued to be clearer that approved modifications made prior to first sale do not cover changes to original manufacturer’s declared towing capacity.

There had been an unfortunate number of operators who had been falsely claiming that modifications done, prior to the first sale, were approved for increases to towing capacity.

After a first sale, Queensland regulations are responsible for authorising after-market modifications.

We understand that the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association has no issue with the current arrangements.

Nice try for the hero accolade – but it was still a big fat FIB.  

When talking to a member of a local caravan association yesterday – he certainly was not fooled by Minister Bailey’s misinformation.

The caravan associations in Queensland know much more than Minister Bailey and should he yearn for an idea – they will give him one.

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