Labor Sent Train Contracts Offshore

by Ted Sorensen
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Labor initially destroyed train car contracts opportunities for EDI Downer.  (refer to Queensland Industry Participation Policy Bill 2011)

The then Independent Member for Maryborough and I questioned and appealed to the government to renew the contracts, and I asked where the cancelled train cars went?   I told them what would happen to our region, without this important work.

Independent Member for Maryborough, he even did not know ‘why’ EDI Downer pulled out of the tender process.  In reality, the process was too expensive, too convoluted, and it was Labor who sent the contracts off shore.

Bruce Saunders has no soap box, the EDI Downer rail contracts were stabbed in the heart by Premier Anna Bligh’s Labor Government, because she made the tendering process, impossible and expensive…and Annastacia did nothing then…..

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