Labor Needs To Stay Out Of Solar

by Ted Sorensen
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A draft Queensland Productivity Commission report has exposed the Palaszczuk Labor Government's 'one million rooftop' solar plan to be nothing more than a media sound grab.

Shadow Minister for Energy and Water Supply, Andrew Powell, said the Commission's draft report should send a clear message to Labor to leave Queensland's solar energy strategy alone.

"The report has made a mockery of Labor's one million rooftops by 2020 commitment by predicting Queensland will reach that target by 2022 under the current system," Mr Powell said.

"While this frozen-at-the-wheel government is busy making empty announcements, Queensland's economy falls further and further behind other states.

"Today's draft Queensland Productivity Commission report demonstrates that the Palaszczuk Labor Government should stay out of the solar market.

"It makes clear that any interference or talk of boosting tariffs to encourage greater solar uptake will lead to higher electricity prices for all Queenslanders, particularly low income households."

Mr Powell said Queenslanders hadn't forgotten that the last time a Labor Government interfered in the system, it cost electricity consumers an estimated $4.4 billion.

"Today's draft report shows that Queenslanders are still paying for the Bligh Labor Government's Solar Bonus Scheme that added around $89 to the average Queenslanders electricity bill this year alone," he said.

"There are already appropriate incentives in place to ensure that electricity retailers provide fair feed-in tariffs to customers.

"The LNP supports the adoption of renewable energy, but not at the cost of all Queensland consumers.

"The Palaszczuk Labor Government shouldn't tinker with the existing solar pricing system because every time they do it ends up costing all Queenslanders more."

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