Labor leaves heritage listed lighthouse in ruins

by Ted Sorensen
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  • Labor’s Heritage Protection Minister is refusing to restore an iconic Hervey Bay lighthouse listed on the Queensland Heritage Register
  • North Bluff lighthouse on Woody Island will be at risk of disintegrating because of its current condition and forces of the weather if it is not restored
  • The Hervey Bay community recognises the significance of both lighthouses on Woody Island and they want something done

Hervey Bay residents are being let down by the Palaszczuk Labor Government, with the Heritage Protection Minister refusing to restore an iconic local lighthouse.

Member for Hervey Bay Ted Sorensen said that he could not believe what he was hearing when the Minister said that they would be letting the heritage listed timber North Bluff Lighthouse, be left as a ruin.

“My office has been inundated with many people who think that this is an absolute travesty and it really is,” Mr Sorensen said “I will be personally meeting with the Minister in the not too distant future.”

“What the Minister did not bank on, is the uproar from people who do know his obligations to the Queensland Heritage register, even if he does not.”

Mr Sorensen said the LNP delivered the Middle Bluff lighthouse restoration, which included the North Bluff lighthouse restoration.  “The Woody Island Lighthouses are the only pair in existence on the east coast of Queensland,” Mr Sorensen said.

“The two lighthouses were built in the 1866 and their lights were turned on so ships entering the Bay had the navigational ability of lining up both lighthouses and bearing away to port to find the middle of the channel.”

“In a response from Minister Miles, from representations made in July, 2015 he said he was ‘amenable to
reviewing a proposal for the restoration of the North Bluff Structure using local volunteer labour and

So what has changed?  “The Minister, needs to come clean as to his intention to the North Bluff lighthouse or admit he has very little control of his promises compared to the Departments intent.”

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