Labor Ignorance

Labor Ignores Written Warnings

by Ted Sorensen
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I refer to the Courier Mail Thursday, 7th Feb 19, on page 7 with the story of  ‘Written warnings ignored’.

It’s a good read and I suggest people grab a copy.  The story talks about the Kelly group leaving a trail of debt to the tune of about 50 $Million, before going into Liquidation.

The Premier, the CCC and numerous Ministers had been forewarned about the pending doom of the Kelly group who had been awarded numerous government contracts – yet they did nothing to protect the sub-contractors that would eventually wear this debt too as it came down the line.

This is nothing new, I have been dealing with the fall out locally, of the dodgy awarding of contracts to companies that have underquoted to get the job, or had no hope in finishing the project, taking Hervey Bay businesses with them, and leaving them in debt too.

Some of these companies that were awarded government contracts did not even have a builder nominee…! Government awarded contracts need to be carefully considered, we need qualified quantity surveyors at the top who know who much a job is going to cost before any contract is awarded. It’s not hard.

We have heard from Public Works Minister Mick De Brenni for years, talking about the interventions he has championed and how he and Premier Palaszczuk were going to fix it all up. None of it has have worked. This now includes the Governments Building Industry Fairness Bill which was passed just one month prior to the election in 2017.

The attached Hansard is proof CLICK HERE to read it.
Hansard Estimates; where Stephen Bennett the then Shadow Minister flagged local issues on my behalf with Minister De Brenni and his commitments to get it right? We’re still waiting.



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