Labor challenged to cease ‘anti-farmer crusade’

by Ted Sorensen
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The LNP today challenged Labor to stop its anti-farmer crusade and dump plans to destroy common sense vegetation management laws and ‘choice in marketing’ legislation for cane farmers.

LNP Shadow Agriculture Minister Tony Perrett joined Shadow Natural Resources Minister Dale Last in the Burdekin to step up the fight for a ‘fair go’ for Queensland farmers.

“The election’s over but Labor’s still scapegoating and demonising hard-working farming families and their communities,” Mr Last said.

“Our farmers understand their responsibilities to protect the environment and they’re doing a great job of reducing fertiliser and chemical run-off and keeping precious soil in their paddocks.

“Instead of constantly pandering to greenies, Labor should be supporting and praising the efforts of our farmers and particularly cane farmers for embracing best management practices that are protecting the reef.”

Mr Perrett said the biggest fear in the bush was Labor and its threats to shut down regrowth management, fodder harvesting and high-value agricultural development.

“This is about allowing our farmers the right to properly manage their farms and their land,” Mr Perrett said.

“Retrospective, onerous legislation with red tape and tree police will stifle farm production and destroy jobs right across regional Queensland,” Mr Perrett warned.

“With much of the state still in drought, the last thing Labor should be threatening is the scrapping of sensible vegetation laws and sensible laws guaranteeing our cane farmers the right to a fair-go and choice in sugar marketing.”

Mr Last and Mr Perrett said the LNP would stand firm on the existing laws that ensured choice in marketing against pressures from monopoly sugar milling companies and the rights for farmers to properly manage vegetation on their farms.

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