Industry Fears Infrastructure Backlog Under Labor

by Ted Sorensen

Tim NichollsQueensland industry has warned Labor’s lack of a plan for infrastructure is likely to hurt the state’s economy and create more unemployment woes.

Shadow Infrastructure Minister Tim Nicholls said the Civil Contractors Federation Queensland’s Building Our Future: 2015 Update pleaded with the Palaszczuk Labor Government to invest more in new infrastructure projects amid fears of a looming backlog over the next five years.

“Quite clearly Labor went to the last election with no plan to invest in infrastructure and, sadly, industry has realised the dangers of a government making it up as it goes,” Mr Nicholls said.

“The Palaszczuk Labor Government has had nine months to get its act together, but so far it’s failed to outline a real infrastructure plan for Queensland.

“This report warns that if Labor keeps down its current pathway, Queensland could experience job losses in the tens of thousands.

“Labor’s supposed infrastructure plan includes no new projects, so when will the government step up and deliver the much-needed infrastructure Queensland so badly needs?

“In stark contrast, the LNP was able to deliver major projects like the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing, the Bruce Highway upgrade, $495 million in Royalties for the Regions projects and the Government Wireless Network.

“We also took the approach of working closely with the private sector to deliver major infrastructure projects, which is backed up by the report showing private sector investment surged between 2012 and 2014.”

Mr Nicholls said Queensland’s economy was falling behind other states due to the Palaszczuk Labor Government’s infrastructure freeze.

“Labor has done nothing to solve the state’s infrastructure woes,” he said.

“The only new infrastructure project the Palaszczuk Government has announced in its so-called “plan” is the Townsville Stadium for which there is no business case and it’s not even clear how much the total cost of the stadium will be.

“It’s time for the Palaszczuk Labor Government to step up and outline its vision for infrastructure investment in this state and explain to Queenslanders when they will see these projects and how they will be funded.

“The LNP has a Real Economic Plan for Queensland and only we are determined to do whatever it takes to unleash our great state’s true potential.”

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