Hervey Bay Forgotten In Labor’s Short-Sighted Budget

by Ted Sorensen

Tuesday, 14 June, 2016

  • 36,000 full time jobs have been lost in the last two months
  • Hervey Bay gets no relief from cost of living pressures, only increases in regos and energy bills
  • Regurgitating promises over and over and not delivering, does not hoodwink an astute voter.

Member for Hervey Bay Ted Sorensen said the budget brought down by the Labor Government failed to deliver for regional and rural Queensland.

“The budget does very little to address the cost of living pressures for the people of Hervey Bay,” Mr Sorensen said.

“When the LNP was in government, we were determined to make a difference where it counted; we froze car registrations and kept energy prices down.

“Today, we have seen energy bill increases of $41 for the typical Queensland household, with farmers paying an extra 12 per cent, while 11 to 16 per cent extra is being paid by small businesses.

“Business confidence has plummeted and investment has stalled because they are being slugged with higher taxes and more red tape, under this ‘asleep at the wheel’ government.

“The outcome is having a negative impact on job growth where more than 36,000 full time jobs have been lost in the last two months.

“While Labor tries to paint itself as the party that cares, it will not release the findings of the report that would work to target energy savings initiatives, as recommended by the Queensland Productivity Commission to lower the cost of energy bills.

“All we do know is that Labor’s renewable energy target of 50 per cent by 2030 will cost over $10.8 Billion to implement and Queenslanders will have to pay for it with increases in cost of living expenses.

“The Labor Government made an election commitment that they would honour the LNP Royalties for the Regions program initiatives, but they are all talk and no action.

“There is the same regurgitated announcement for the Yarrilee intersection upgrade made last year and again yesterday with no action, so where has the money gone?

“The Minister for Main Roads Mr Bailey is really struggling when he said in the house that the intersection at Hervey Bay-Maryborough & Urraween Roads had already been “….upgraded four weeks ago” and that myself and my colleagues, “…needed to keep up in this place”, but of course there has been no upgrade.

“The budget papers tabled, still don’t show the 26 Million needed for the upgrades in the 2016-17 financial year.

Hervey Bay is lost to this do-nothing Labor Government, who says this budget zeros in on pressure points, when it does the opposite.

“Only an LNP Government will get Hervey Bay and Queensland moving.”

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