Health Bungles Ramping Up Under Labor

by Ted Sorensen

Health Bungles Ramping Up Under Labor


 There are grave concerns that the lives of sick Queenslanders are being put at risk under a Labor Government, with the revelation that ambulance ramping is rife in hospitals across the state.

Shadow Health Minister Mark McArdle has slammed the Palaszczuk-Gordon Government for undoing the work the LNP had done to end ambulance ramping during its time in office.

“In just four months, the Palaszczuk Labor Government has managed to drag Queensland back to the bad old days, undoing three years of the LNP’s hard work,” Mr McArdle said.

“Reports that ambulance ramping has occurred at five public hospitals in the last month is an absolute disgrace and Health Minister Cameron Dick must be held accountable.

“It’s clear that Minister Dick has dropped the ball and is causing the health system to fall apart.”

Mr McArdle said it was not long ago that up to 20 ambulances were regularly ramped outside the Princess Alexandra hospital, a practise the LNP successfully put a stop to.

“Labor has a shocking history in relation to ambulance ramping and now they are back at the helm, we’re seeing the same maladministration rear its ugly head,” he said.

“This is what comes from a government that was elected with no real plan for health and is more interested in political get squares and paying back union bosses.

“The Palaszczuk-Gordon Government has applied the brakes, is centralising power to Brisbane and in doing so is gambling with patients’ lives. Queenslanders didn’t vote for this.”

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