From Parliament – Sorensen seeks answers on dingo numbers

by Ted Sorensen
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Member for Hervey Bay Ted Sorensen questioned Environment and Heritage Minister Steven Miles on Fraser Island dingo numbers in state parliament this week.

Mr Sorensen asked the Minister for an up-to-date tally of breeding pairs of dingoes on the island.

“Concerns are growing over the decline in numbers made worse by the shocking poisoning of at least six dingoes last year through the illegal use of strychnine around Orchid Beach and the more recent euthanisations of dingoes by EHP staff,” Mr Sorensen said.

“The Fraser Island community needs answers about what’s happening with investigations into the illegal poisonings.

“And importantly we need to know how the dingo population on Fraser is going, in terms of overall numbers of breeding pairs and whether numbers are in serious decline as many people suspect.

“Without a clear idea of overall numbers, no one really knows what’s happening.

“I share concerns that numbers are declining and I’ll be following up with the Minister’s office to make sure this information is forthcoming,” Mr Sorensen said.

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