Fraser Island Dingoes Future

by Ted Sorensen
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I am concerned about striking the right balance between tourists wanting to experience the local wildlife and protecting the environment.

I would like to see an interpretive centre on the island, highlighting the island’s natural beauty and the environmental significance of its flora and fauna.

Tourists should understand, that they are entering a unique wilderness when going to Fraser, and be clearly advised as to what needs to be protected on Fraser.

The Labor Government could invest in educational exchange programs with other locations like Yellow Stone National Park in the US, so our valued rangers could share ideas in wildlife and tourist management strategies.

The department is doing all they can to improve tourists behaviour on the island, and they advocate for common sense when people encounter a dingo on the island.

Trialling the idea of a feeding station would provide an area where tourists can see the iconic Fraser Island Dingo in a safe and secure environment – rather than tourists pursuing a dingo for a photo. This sort of activity presents inherent dangers.

Today, the modern tourist wants a wildlife encounter in a controlled environment.  We have great opportunities on Fraser to present these opportunities, while also supporting and protecting the Fraser Island Dingo.

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