“Firefighters Have A Well-Earned Win”

by Ted Sorensen
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"Firefighters Have A Well-Earned Win"

Common sense has prevailed and Hervey Bay volunteer firefighters will have access to adequate workers compensation following pressure from the LNP Opposition.  

A Bill was passed in Parliament recently, to ensure any firefighter, volunteer or fulltime, who contracts one of 12 specified cancers in the course of protecting the community, will receive workers compensation.

Volunteer firefighters in my electorate of Hervey Bay are the real winners after Labor agreed to scrap the 150 fire 'visit' quota.   

Labor pushed for a fire quota that only volunteer firefighters must meet, making them attend 150 fires before receiving workers compensation. Only the LNP has been fighting to ensure every firefighter whether they are permanent, part-time, auxiliary or a volunteer rural firefighter should receive the same workers compensation.

It seems a small act to repay this sacrifice by ensuring fair workers compensation is in place if a firefighter suffers from an illness, in the course of their employment.  

It had taken months of tireless campaigning by the Rural Fire Brigade Association of Queensland and the LNP for the Labor Government to finally wake up and realise their own Bill was discriminatory and unfair to hardworking volunteers.  

Our volunteer firefighters are community minded people who deserve our utmost respect and admiration for protecting our community.

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