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Extra drought money for milk not flowing to farmers

by Ted Sorensen
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It’s about time Queenslanders got answers as to why major supermarkets Coles, Woolworths and Aldi have been allowed to get away scot free in deceiving customers and in the process destroying our local dairy industry.

LNP Shadow Minister for Agriculture Tony Perrett today said enough is enough, after supermarkets failed to pass on to processors and farmers the extra 10c a litre it started collecting at the checkout.

“Clearly, supermarket giants are milking the system in asking more for milk at the checkout but continuing to and squeeze our dairy farmers by refusing to pass on extra revenue,” said Mr Perrett.

“The additional 10c a litre price increase last month has been estimated that it will deliver an extra $100 million straight into the supermarket profits while giving noting to farmers.

“It’s time for these Supermarket big wigs to come out from behind their glossy spin doctors and start paying our farmers properly for their milk.

“I recently visited and talked with dairy farmers on the Darling Downs who were doing it extremely tough due to drought.

The increased cost of feed due to drought, had pushed milk production prices well beyond what they’re getting paid.

“According to Queensland DairyFarmers Organisation, a dairy farmer is leaving the industry approximately every 5-7 days due to the behaviour of the supermarkets. “The time for action is now.

“Unfortunately, Labor Agriculture Minister Furner is nowhere on this issue, in fact after the first increase to milk prices in February this year he astonishingly told ABC radio that he said he wasn’t happy farmers were getting paid more for their milk*.

“If we want to save our Queensland dairy industry, I’m calling on the supermarkets to come clean and pass on the extra money.

“Time for supermarkets to start paying farmers for what for what milk is worth.”
*Mark Furner on Steve Austin ABC Radio Brisbane Click Here To Listen

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