EVEN MORE RED TAPE SLASHED…TMR provides speedy customer service

by Ted Sorensen
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Renewing your driver’s licence at a Transport and Main Roads centre is quicker and easier according to latest Queensland Government Quarterly Update results.

 Five minutes had been shaved off the average wait times at TMR Customer Service Centres in the past two years as part of our election promise to revitalise front line services.

 Under our government Queenslanders are waiting less to access simple services like renewing a drivers’ licence or paying car registration.

 In two years we have turned around Labor’s poor record on customer service wait times by almost 40 per cent.

 We are providing a quicker service with average customer wait times reduced from 11 minutes per person in January to March 2011 to 7 minutes in the same period this year.

 March 2014 had an even better average result of 5 mins and 42 seconds.

 We have achieved this by cutting unnecessary red tape, increasing training for staff and introducing new technology to speed up the time it takes to get served.

 Queenslanders can now access these services online instead of having to go in and wait at a customer service centre.

 In the coming months people will also be able to check their demerit points and traffic history online, as well as replace their driver licence.

 For more information on what’s available for transport customers, please visit www.tmr.qld.gov.au





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