Dingo Education

Education is the answer!

by Ted Sorensen
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Education about the Fraser Island Dingo is the answer – not increasing fines or penalising our local businesses.

The Fraser Island Dingo is one of the purest in the world.  We must recognise this.

No amount of increasing fines for feeding is going to stop an encounter of a dingo entering into a campsite as we saw recently.

We need to describe wonderful Fraser Island for what it is.  It is a wilderness, it’s rugged and beautiful and it is not as safe as your backyard.  It never will be.

Demonising wildlife for being wildlife is not the way to go.

Penalising Fraser Island Businesses with a CAP on visitor numbers is wrong too.

Why blame business for this government lack of Fraser Island dingo management.

I have photos of the Dingo below on Fraser Island digging for left over bait and fish skeletons from fishermen, who are following the policy of the government to bury.

This encourages Fraser Island Dingoes down to the beach…!

The photo published in the Courier Mail on Tuesday April 30, 2019 shows a dingo with a fish head is evidence of this.

Dingo EducationThis creates more interaction with the visitors to the Island.

They are grossly misunderstood and they are hungry.

I have suggested for many years that food and fish offal be deposited inland, at least 2kms from the beach to reduce contact with humans and dingoes.

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