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Deb launches LNP Economic Plan for Queensland

by Ted Sorensen
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The Liberal National Party has today launched an Economic Plan for Queensland that will create jobs, cut the cost of living and improve our schools and hospitals.

LNP Leader Deb Frecklington unveiled the plan in her Budget reply speech in Parliament today.

“All Annastacia Palaszczuk has delivered after three-and-a-half years as Premier is more tax, debt and unemployment,” Ms Frecklington said.

“Her Budget will rip $2.2 billion out of our economy in new taxes and see debt soar to $83 billion.”

“Queenslanders are being squeezed because Labor has no plan for this state.”

“Unlike Labor, I have a plan for Queensland. My plan is designed to make it easier for Queenslanders to get a job and get ahead.”

“I want Queenslanders to know I have the ideas and the energy that this state needs.”

“I will keep calling out this failing Government, but I won’t just say where Labor have gone wrong – I’ll say what I would do.”

The LNP’s Economic Plan will:

*         Bust congestion
*         Provide cheaper electricity
*         Ensure better health and education services
*         Deliver water security
*         Guarantee no new taxes

“The LNP’s plan will help businesses grow and create more jobs in every corner of the state,” Ms Frecklington said.  “It will get our economy back on track, but I want to do much more for Queenslanders.”

“I want to improve education for our kids and healthcare for our sick.”  “I want to build communities that are secure and strong.”  “I want every Queenslander to be confident we are heading in the right direction once again.”

The LNP’s plan to bust congestion includes:

*         Beginning work on a ‘Second M1’ linking the Gold Coast, Logan and Brisbane.
*         Duplicating the Sunshine Coast rail line, including fully matching the Federal Government’s $390 million funding commitment, as well as backing Brisbane Metro.
*         A comprehensive roads strategy, including M1 upgrades, developing alternative road routes, busting local bottlenecks and investing in the Bruce Highway.
*         Fixing Labor’s rail fail by recruiting more train drivers and training them faster.

The LNP’s plan for cheaper electricity includes:

*         Boosting competition by restructuring government-owned power generators from two to three entities.
*         Introducing regional electricity retail competition into regional Queensland.
*         Mandating investment in affordable green energy by government-owned electricity companies.

The LNP’s plan for better health and education services includes:

*         Introducing incentive-based funding for health and hospital boards to improve patient care.
*         Partnering with the private sector to reduce surgery waiting times.
*         Tackling the ICE epidemic by building four new rehab centres and targeting drug gangs.
*         Rolling out the Independent Public Schools initiative to empower principals and school communities.
*         A back to basics plan to declutter the curriculum and ease the pressure on teachers.
*         Making English a mandatory component of the new ATAR tertiary education entrance system.
*         A commitment to air-condition every public school classroom in Queensland.

The LNP’s plan for water security includes:

*         Progressing the Nullinga Dam, Urannah Dam and raising the Burdekin Falls Dam.
*         Delivering the Rookwood Weir.
*         Developing a long-term water strategy to safeguard supply and support jobs growth.

The LNP’s plan for lower taxes includes:

*         A guarantee of no new taxes to be introduced by a future LNP Government.
*         Ensuring government assistance prioritises Queensland-based businesses.
*         Fighting for a fairer GST by pushing for royalties to be excluded from the distribution model.
Our full Economic plan can be found at: www.deb2020.com.au/our-plan

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