D’Ath Needs To Reveal Full Cost Of State’s Broken Voting System

by Ted Sorensen

Queenslanders who voted in local government election threatened with fines for failing to vote.
LNP MP threatened with fine for failing to vote when in fact he did.
Attorney-General Yvette D’Ath needs to fix broken voting system.

Queenslanders who exercised their democratic right at the recent local government elections have been threatened with fines for failing to vote further highlighting the incompetence of Electoral Commission Queensland.

Shadow Attorney-General Ian Walker said Attorney-General Yvette D’Ath must reveal how many fines had been sent out, how many had been sent in error and how much the stuff-up had cost taxpayers.

He said electoral offices had been inundated with complaints from concerned people who had been threatened with the $58.50 fine.

“The whole system needs a complete overhaul because it’s become very clear the Commission is not up to the task,” Mr Walker said.

“How can Queenslanders have confidence their vote counted, when the people running the show say some people didn’t vote, when in fact they did?

“Highlighting how farcical the system has become, Buderim MP Steve Dickson even received a threatening letter for not voting in the local government election.

“Given Steve’s son was a candidate, I know for sure he didn’t forget to vote.”

Mr Walker said Ms D’Ath needed to assure Queenslanders she would fix the state’s busted voting system.

He said the Commission had undertaken an extensive review following the local government election exposing the gaps in its performance but Ms D’Ath had chosen to “review the review” which is the Palaszczuk Government’s fix for everything.

“Ms D’Ath must assure Queenslanders the Commission is up to the task of conducting future elections,” he said.

“How many other people are out there who voted and have been hit with a please explain?”

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