Cyber Bullying Not Acceptable

by Ted Sorensen
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Cyber Bullying -Ted Sorensen speech in Qld Parliament

Queensland Parliament Hansard Green
DATE: 06/03/2018
SUBJECT: Cyberbullying


Mr SORENSEN (Hervey Bay—LNP) (7.18 pm): The Fraser Coast Chronicle has done a wonderful job reporting on cyberbullying and how it should stop and the role we should all play in our cyber community.

Everyone in this place has the ability to stamp it out. More recently, the Fraser Coast Chronicle had reported on recent tragedies in Queensland of young people taking their lives and how we should all be responsible to rise up against the ‘dark unloading’ online which has proven to be a killer.

Words do hurt especially our youth. Not only do they hurt our youth; they hurt people’s families, relatives and anyone who loves the person being targeted. We all need to practice what we preach. I would like to update the House today with this statement: it is just not good enough to talk about it.

We all need to walk the path to stamping it out.

Mr Speaker, can you imagine my surprise when I read the comments on the Fraser Coast Chronicle’s own Facebook page the very day news broke about the dismissal of Mayor Chris Loft from the Fraser Coast Regional Council when the chronicle allowed a number of people to pile on with pictures of celebration. That was not very nice. I wonder whether people think that, after everything that has happened to Chris Loft and his family, they should resort to name calling, especially on such a hard
day for that family.

Do the Fraser Coast Chronicle social media management team think that it is okay for them to provide a vehicle for such name calling to take place? Well, I say no to all of it. It is not okay.

I now wonder how genuine the reports are to tackle such a cyberbullying culture when partaking in it is allowed. We all need to show a good example to our youth. If we do not show a good example to our youth, how do we expect children to act differently in the schoolyard?

If parents do not set a good standard and carry on like that on Facebook, how can we expect their children not to do the same? We have to set a good example for our kids. We should not blame the kids at school; we should blame the parents sometimes and the absolute rubbish that we see on Facebook.

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