Call to Get Ready Queensland

by Ted Sorensen
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What If - Emergency FlyerWhat’s your ‘what-if’ plan?

Queenslanders are urged to use their home-grown resilience and ‘get ready’ to face the possibility of wild weather this disaster season.

Member for Hervey Bay said the State Government and RACQ would encourage locals to think about what could happen if they or their families were struck by wild weather.

“In recent times, natural disasters have caused havoc across Queensland. They can be unpredictable and it is up to every one of us to have a ‘what-if’ plan,” Ted said.

  • You can help protect your family.. What if you had an emergency plan and an emergency kit with enough food and water?
  • What if you set up a meeting point and a contact person for your family? Prepared your home and cleaned up any rubbish in your yard?

The time is now for families to make sure they have a plan in case disaster strikes.

“I urge individuals and businesses to get in touch with our Council and myself, and make use of the information around our local community,” Ted said.

“Over the next few months, locals are encouraged to make small preparations, like deciding on a meeting point, and a close contact if you find yourself caught in a disaster.

“Prepare your house to be storm and disaster ready and make sure you have enough food and water in your emergency kit to survive at least three days.

“It’s these small moves which will help our community recover even more quickly if a disaster was to strike.”

Log on to and sign up for your personal RACQ Get Ready Queensland plan, also like our Facebook and Twitter pages to keep informed.

If disaster strikes, the best way to protect your family is to have a plan.

RACQ Get Ready - What-If Plan

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