Labor Black Hole Budget

ALP’s Treasurer Trad plays politics denying jobs for Hervey Bay.

by Ted Sorensen
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State Member for Hervey Bay Ted Sorensen is astonished by the pork-barrelling in this weeks budget.

‘You would think with the massive swing against Labor in the last Federal election they would have done things differently, but they are pork-barrelling Labor seats especially in south east Queensland, Ted said.

‘Labor’s Treasurer Jackie Trad is more at home trading political stunts, rather than garnishing money for vital infrastructure projects in the electorate of Hervey Bay.

‘The Federal Government’s Hinkler Regional Deal, would have brought increased employment opportunities to Hervey Bay, with $7.7 million to extend Urraween Road through to Boundary Road, Ted said

‘This money would’ve brought jobs to our region, but they are not interested in backing Hervey Bay jobs, they sack Hervey Bay jobs, Ted said.

‘Labor’s State Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said it was ‘Trad’s call’ to work with the Federal government to back jobs in the region, but the Treasurer has refused to come to the table, Ted said

‘Labor continues to walk away from the regions in favour of their inner city infrastructure projects.

‘Queensland has been left behind because of rising debt and deficit and there is nothing in this budget to reign in debt, and it’s on the increase.

‘In 2015 Labor solemnly promised to cut debt and build infrastructure and they have done the opposite.

‘People are not fooled by the talk of surpluses.

‘It’s very easy to have surplus when you are borrowing money all the time, and the only thing that you put in the budget is the interest on the borrowings, Ted said.

‘Labor aren’t borrowing to build – they are borrowing to cover their wasteful spending.

‘Labor are actually cutting infrastructure spending by 500 million in 2019-20 compared to previous forecasts.

‘New taxes cutting another $1.25 billion from the state’s economy, more than $90 billion in debt and almost 26000 less jobs than forecast.

‘After five years in power, all Labor is delivering is higher taxes, more debt and less jobs.

‘It’s a budget full of lies – and I read with astonishment that the Budget papers said the Accident and Emergency building in Hervey Bay was finished when it’s not, there is nothing on the top floor, Ted said.

‘The Palaszczuk Labor Government is anti-resources, anti-regions and anti-jobs.”

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