A responsible Budget from a responsible Government.

by Ted Sorensen
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“The 2014/15 Budget continues to deliver on the LNP Government’s election promises for a strong plan for a brighter future, Ted said.
“There is no doubt it’s a mammoth task to reduce the state’s $80 billion debt and the interest bill, left by the previous Labor government.

“We are making significant progress in restoring our finances with this responsible budget, Ted said.

“We will continue to grow our four pillar economy, revitalise frontline services and sustainably invest in schools and hospitals for the secure future of our great State.

“Local health spending has increased by 5.6% to $458.3 million in 2014-15 and this budget allows 7.418 million to be allocated for the new regional Cancer and Dental Care Centre in Hervey Bay.

“The Government’s $131 million Great Results Guarantee is continuing to boost student literacy and numeracy outcomes by engaging them in learning that will benefit them now, and in the future.

“Hervey Bay School’s will share in 1.4 million in this program, Ted said.

“The budget also brings 40,000 that will be allocated the Bill Fraser Park enhancement project, at Torquay.

“300,000 will go to Fraser Coast Opportunities for destination marketing, to promote tourism in Hervey Bay.

“19.2 million will be allocated to expand and improve social housing for the Wide Bay region, and Home Assist services will also receive $390,000 as they support our community.

“The LNP government will also continue to fund essential infrastructure projects which will create Queensland jobs, and we can boast 60,000 jobs created in Queensland in the last year, Ted said.

“To sustain our job growth, we must reduce debt so we can truly keep building on our strong plan for a prosperous State.

“This carefully balanced Budget outlines our plan to secure the State’s finances by making the strongest and smartest choices to reduce debt.

“A brighter future is ours for the taking, but only under an LNP Government with a strong plan”.



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